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Professional Spa Wax – 14 oz. Tin

Professional Spa Wax – 14 oz. Tin

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  • For use with wax warmer (not included)
  • All Natural, Extra Strength Formula for Thick to Coarse Body Hair. NOT for use on facial/head/nose/ear hair. For facial hair removal, please see our “Hard Wax”.
  • Wipes clean with VidaSleek's Post Wax Oil (Product is Not Water Soluble)
  • Unisex: Made for Men and Women with thick, coarse hair
  • Leaves skin hair free for up to 8 weeks
  • Contains skin softening and healing avocado oil

Spa Wax: Thick to Coarse Hair Removal Wax Kit for Men + Women

VidaSleek's Spa Wax is an all-natural, extra strength hair removal wax that will completely remove thick, coarse, unwanted hairs. Hair regrowth will appear slower, softer and finer than other hair removal methods. With continual use of VidaSleek Spa Wax, hair will slowly stop growing all together. The naturally derived formula infused with avocado oil will leave you with beautiful, shiny, smooth skin! With all natural ingredients, and results as effective as going to a salon – it is the ideal hair removal wax for a healthy, natural lifestyle. 

Using the wax is easy! Simply heat the wax in a wax warmer to achieve a honey-like consistency, then apply a thin layer of VidaSleek Spa wax onto you skin in the same direction as hair growth, apply your Epilating Strip over the wax and smooth down firmly 3-5 times, then in one quick motion, remove the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth. After you’re done waxing, simply apply our soothing Post Wax Oil to clean the skin! It’s that easy. 

NOTE: The Spa Wax is NOT to be used on male beard/mustache, neck, head, ear or nose hair removal.

Where to use: Legs, arms, underarms, bikini area, face… almost anywhere unwanted hair is a problem. Note: The Spa Wax is not to be used on male beard/mustache, neck, head, ear or nose hair removal. 
Benefits Remain hair free for up to 8 weeks! No Chemicals – Non Toxic – No Preservatives Made in USA – Responsibly and Locally Sourced Ingredients Cruelty Free



1. Heat wax in warmer to a consistency of honey & retain that consistency throughout process. STIR wax after heating.

2. Using edge of spatula, spread paper-thin layer of product the direction of hair growth.

3. Immediately smooth down a non-woven strip over waxed area leaving end of strip extended beyond product. Rub strip to adhere well.

4. Hold skin out below strip with one hand. Use other hand to grasp lower end of strip & remove quickly in opposite direction of hair growth,

5. Repeat.

6. When all waxing is complete, remove any excess wax residue with Vidasleek’s Post-Wax Oil.

Always do a patch test on the area to be waxed and wait 24 hours. If there is no irritation after 24 hours, continue. Contents & pot may be extremely HOT.

Wax: Gum Rosin, Pine Resin, Avocado Oil